Tigermood Trend
for TradingView.
A simple yet reliable trend indicator for Forex, Stocks and Cryptos, on any timeframe.

Tigermood Trend’s algorithm combines the logical interrelation between volatility and momentum indicators along with the key Fibonacci levels and turns them into a reliable indicator.

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Auto Settings
Parameters adjust automatically based on the selected timeframe.
No Repainting
Tigermood Trend updates on the chart only after the latest bar closes.
No Second Guess
Concentrate on your entry and exit prices while relying on Tigermood Trend for trade direction.

About Tigermood Trend

Advanced Algorithm

Combining the logical interrelation between volatility and momentum indicators along with key Fibonacci levels into a reliable indicator. Since the algorithm relies on technical analysis, it can be applicable to all markets and timeframes without adjustment.

Vulnerable Variables

Note that the indicator is vulnerable to non-technical factors such as news since it cannot take such variables into account. In such cases, you the trader will have to use your knowledge of trading and the technical analysis Tigermood Trend offers to make a decision.

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How do I access the indicator?
After subscribing for Tigermood Trend or signing up for the 30-days free trial, we will use your submitted TradingView username to give you access to the indicator. You will receive an email asking you to confirm you have successfully applied the indicator to your chart.
Is this the only indicator I need?
Every trader uses a unique strategy that matches their trading style. Trading indicators help traders with their decision making by guiding the trader and making trading patterns more visible. Tigermood Trend is an effective trading tool to help implement trader’s strategies.
Can I use the indicator on a free TradingView plan ?
Yes, you can use Tigermood Trend on a free plan.
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